Introducing The KwikBagIt System

The perfect sidekick for all your outdoor activity and home tasks.

Every Kwik Bagit It System includes: Telescopic Rails & Legs, folding TableTop, Reusable
Poly/Cloth Collection Bag, Retainer clips bag holders, and Carrying Case.

When you are camping, fishing or even doing yard work around the house - The Kwik BagIt System is the perfect sidekick for:


  • Providing a portable tabletop

  • Hanging wet clothes and towels

  • Collecting debris and recyclables

It’s lightweight, compact and portable design allows you to lug it around with ease... and requires NO TOOLS TO ASSEMBLE. It is a must-have for anyone who needs a little more convenience when they’re outdoors. 

Complimentary Offer - Receive a reusable, washable Poly/Cloth bag with your pledge.  Thanks for your support.

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