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Why Changing to Kwik BagIt Eco/System Bags is so Important

Our Mission is to reduce the dependency of using oil-based, single-use plastic bags that are so bad for the environment. They are costly and in most cases an unnecessary purchase. It’s true that they are needed for wet garbage but just think of all of the time that you don’t need to use them – like collecting leaves and branches or storing your recyclable items.  

Why would you want to use something that is so thin that it only can be used once?  


Our Poly/Cloth Bags can be used hundreds of times and if they need to be occasionally washed, simply spray it down with a pressure washer or hose and it will dry in minutes.

Just think how much money you will save from having to buy single-use Plastic Bags plus you will help to reduce the amount of plastic entering our landfills. The bags have a leak-proof, acid-proof bottom so that your floors are kept dry when you use them to collect refundable bottles and cans.

The concept of recycling bags first came into the picture when environmental pollution took a heavy toll on sea life. Most of the disposed of garbage bags found their way into the ocean leading to heavy accumulation of waste along the shores. A global campaign ensued which began with the introduction of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Kwik BagIt Eco/System recycling bags are a great solution to the existing problem of environmental pollution.

Check out how inexpensive they are and how quickly you will save money by investing in washable, reusable Kwik BagIt Poly Cloth Bags.