Comes with (1) Yardpal Bag Holder device, and (1) KBI Bag of your choice.


Yardpal-combo Arsalan Saghir

Poly/Cloth Bags are washable and reusable with 2-year warranty.

$13.99 Each

Green Bags for Compostible Yard Debris

Blue Bags for Recycling Bottles and Cans

Black Bags for Team Logo Sport Items

Yard Pal Unit - Telescopic Rails open from 10" - 24" fit any size bag.

$ 29.99


OutBack Model: Features Telescopic Legs, Removable Table Top that secures bag to rails, and Portable Carrying Bag. Great for Camping, Fishing, Picnics, Tailgating, and Rv'ing.


Great for Filleting Fish

"Toss and Dunk" Game includes Mesh Bag and 6 Yellow and Green Bean Bags - Unit not included


Young man playing fri0sbee in the park