The best bag holder ever

Never wish you had a
3rd arm again…

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With The Best Bag Holding Device – Ever

Featuring Telescopic Rails & Legs

  • Allowing for any size or type of bag while you fill it – with ease!
  • Position the height as you require. Great for working in flower gardens when pulling weeds.
  • Light weight and Portable
  • Paper Bags no longer blow over in the wind, and keeps the bag open when filling

From a kitchen size – a massive constructions size with retainer clips that hold bag to the rails while filling

less than to percent of plastics produced are recycled

Zero Plastic Initiatives

Kwik BagIt is committed to an eco-friendly sustainable environment and our products are “Making the Task Easier” with our Patent-Pending Bag Holding Device and our selection of various reusable, washable poly/cloth bags.

In keeping with our Mission Statement, we encourage our viewers to…

Why Our Bags are the
Best Cloth Bags

The Kwik BagIt RPET Poly/Cloth Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and they are the answer to a number of issues that are plaguing our municipal landfills and the environment. It takes over 100 years for an oil-based, single-use plastic bag to break down.

Washable, Reuseable, Sustainable 

Our bags are designed to be used dozens of times simply wash them down with a hose and water no need to throw them in the landfills

See our products in action in 2 minutes

Kwik BagIt Reconfigurable Bag Holder

Our Products

  • Hold 3 times the amount of plastic bags.
  • Simply spray with water and reuse dozens of times.

Green Compost Bag Great for Yard Work

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  • Allows sticky bottles and cans to dry out
  • Leakproof bottom – Won’t leak on to floor

Recycle Collection

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  • Mesh bag help to reduce odors
  • Personalize your teamlogo
  • Holds up to 50 lbs of equipment

Sport Bag Holder Great Fund Raising Opportunity

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  • Camping, RV’ing
  • Tailgating
  • Picnics BBQ

Out Back Model Best Outdoor Companion

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Toss and Dunk Challenge Game

Game includes Mesh Bag and 6 Yellow and Green Bean Bags.

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See how you can use our products

  • Introducing the Tailgater by Kwik BagIt!

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The Kwik Bag It System is Design Patent Pending (USPTO # 625768430) Logos and Trademarks (WIPO #A0071643) Exclusive  License Agreement with the Inventor Harold Sokyrka (President) KwikBagit Products International Inc. Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada

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