Introducing a Brand-New Fundraising Opportunity!


Covid 19 has certainly made an impact on the ways that your group needs to raise funds, and Kwik BagIt. Products has just launched a new way to participate in our Affiliate program that will help to generate some significant revenue for your organization.

We all know how difficult is to hold open and bag when trying to fill it Not Anymore!
Introducing the Best Bag Holder-Ever Madel! The simple device that can hold ANY SIZE or TYPE of Bag

Something that Everyone can Use !

3 bags
Here’s the Opportunity:

Your group make a profile of 25% for any Kwik BagIt Products that are solid to family, friends and neighbours who support who support your cause

We will provide you with the reusable bags with your team or organization logo on them for your:

The Problem:
Most bag holders need the right size bag to fit properly
Once filled you have to struggle to remove the bag – they tear, 
get stuck, and blow over in the wind.


• Will tear and leak • Can only use once • Cost between $30-$60/Year • Cannot be recycled • • 100 + years to break down • Plugging up our landfills • + years to break down • Plugging up our landfill

The Solution:

The Kwik BagIt stand will support any size and type of bag –
from a kitchen size to a construction size
Our reusable bags are washable and can be re-used dozens of times – 2 year warranty.


Sport bag
green bag
  • Mesh bag help to reduce odors
  • Personalize your team logo
  • Holds up to 50 lbs of equipment
  • 1 Bag Hold same as 3 Garbage Bags.
  • Simply spray with water and hose if necessary.
  • Can be reused dozens of times.
  • Save $$ and less trips to the recycling depot
  • Leak Proof Bottoms – no more spills on the floor
  • Mesh Materials allows sticky cans $ bottles to “air-Out” 
Holds 3 times the volume as a plastic bag
Mesh Bag allow for cans and bottles to dry out
prevents Musty Odor – Leakproof bottoms
Simply spray with water and reused dozens of times
Customize logos with your campains

“Making the Task Easier” 
Without the need for a third arm – or second person

So simple to use with no tool required: Simply attach the bag to the rails- Fill it up- Remove bag from unit – Empty in your compost green bin or blue recycle bin – Spray it with water if necessary –

Reuse again and again


The “YARDPAL” Model is the perfect device for composting, Recycling, beside the BBQ, in your RV or motor home. in the laundry, or for collecting

The “OUTBACK” Model has a removable tabletop and is a perfect companion at any outdoor events like camping, fishing, picnics, at the beach, or for tailgating parties

The “Sport” model is a must for every locker room and gym. Coaches and players will be amazed how easy it is to fill the bag and it holds SO MUCH especially any type of balls that are always difficult to collect.

The “PRO-COMMERCIAL” Model will save you hundreds of $$$ from buying single-use plastic bags that are plugging up landfillls. If your business is disaster-clean-up, restoration, or renovation this will be the best investment ever!