Different ways you can use residential & commercial use recycle bags in Saskatoon

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Posted on February 6, 2019

Environmental pollution is one of the major issues of this era. Thanks to consistent campaigning by environment activists, people are becoming more conscious of their surroundings. They are changing their ways to prevent further degradation of the environment. This trend has urged many people and organizations to come up with new unique environment-friendly options that are economical too.

recycle bags

People started using biodegradable plastic bags to save the environment. However, recent studies have shown that these so-called biodegradable bags don’t even decompose properly. Some experts have also stated that such bags are only adding to the toxic waste polluting the earth. So what can e do? Well, there is another option for you to Go Green. Instead of using plastic, you can use residential & commercial use recycle bags in Saskatoon. These are made of poly cloth, easy to use and washable. It is even more economical than single-use plastic bags.


Washable and re-usable poly cloth recycle bags can be used for a number of purposes. It is not just garbage cleaning that you can use it for. You can use these bags for storing purposes too. Some of the common uses you can put your recycle bags are as follows:


Recycle bags are great for yard cleaning. You can dump the fallen leaves, twigs, broken branches, grass etc inside the bag and dispose of it later. You can also use it to collect the garbage during house cleaning. All the things that you want to throw, you can collect it inside these bags. Instead of using plastic bags to collect and dump using poly bags makes you a real friend to the environment.


How often do we use plastic bags to store knick-knacks? You can do the same with poly cloth recycle bags. The best thing is while plastic is susceptible to wears and tears; poly bags are much more resistant.


You can also use recycle bags for commercial bags. But that it is of a different variety. The poly bags for commercial purpose are more durable and specially designed to hold heavier stuff. You can use commercial poly cloth recycle bags for cleaning as well as carrying something. It comes really handy during post construction clean up.

So there it was a brief note on both commercial and residential uses of poly-cloth bags. It is an economical, more environment-friendly alternative to the so-called biodegradable plastic bags. Therefore, make the right choice and do your part in saving your home planet.

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