Commercial Bags

So Many Advantages by Using Kwik BagIt Reusable Commercial Recycle Bags

Kwik BagIt offers Commercial Use Pol/Cloth bags that can be used hundreds of times reducing costs on spending money on single-use oil-based plastic bags that are so bad for the environment. Our commercial use- recycle bags are made up of recyclable materials that are highly flexible and have the capacity to hold a large volume of construction debris that needs to be dumped into metal trash containers. These bags have a superior design for recycling and do not cause a burden on the environment. These bags are very easy to carry and can store large volumes of litter.

  • Robust design for commercial use recycle bags
  • Superior pricing
  • Superior design for recycling
  • Capable of storing strong items
  • Available in 36″ x 24″ size for maximum carrying capacity of up to 50 lbs.

The Commercial Use Recycle Bags in are a great choice for disaster clean up like floods and fires. The bags have leak-proof bottoms that also have strong carrying handles for lifting the heavy items and dumping the contents into the dumpster. If they do need the occasional cleaning, simply wash them down with a hose or pressure washer. So Simple – Save Money – Save the Environment!

Our recyclable bags do not put a strain on the environment and reduces environmental damage especially compared to the ones which are non-bio-degradable ones. Nonbio degradable matter takes a heavy toll on the environment especially with drainage clogging and waste accumulation.

Kwik BagIt offers the best commercial use recycle bags in Saskatoon. The bags are known for their performance, longevity and environment-friendly quality which makes them a must pick for the Contractors and Disaster Relief Copanies.