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Poly/Cloth Bags

Bags for Collecting Recycling
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With all of the talk that is trending today about plastic bags, we have a solution!

The Kwik BagIt System also has an optional Reusable Poly-Cloth Bag that is machine washable or can be sprayed with a hose – and they can be used thousands of times. This will save you money because you won’t have to buy those costly plastic bags, and you will be reducing the amount of terrible plastic that is entering our landfills. There isn’t a simpler, more organized, fun way to get the task done – to strive for a “GREENER PLANET”

Washable and Reusable Bags

The Kwik BagIt Poly/Cloth bag is the answer to a number of issues that are plaguing our municipal landfills and the environment. It takes over 100 years for an oil-based, single-use plastic bag to break down. Our reusable bags can be used hundreds of times, and when necessary, they can easily be sprayed down with hose and water or pressure washed with detergents. The bags are guaranteed for two years under normal use.


Do the right thing – it’s so simple – Stop using single-use, oil-based plastic bags that are terrible for the environment and reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic entering your municipal landfills.


Kwik BagIt bags are made with strong Poly/Cloth material that can hold up to 50 lbs. of compostable debris and recyclable items as well as our new Sports Bag.​


Kwik BagIt Products International Inc also offers a portable Patent Pending Bag Holder that uses telescopic rails to adjust to fit any kind of bag in the market place. The Telescopic legs permit the use on any terrain. With the unique retainer clips, the bags are secured to the unit while the bag is being filled.

For Yard Work

The Compost Bag allows for the collection of grass, branches, and garden debris and can be used dozens of times. The durable poly cloth fabric is strong and will not tear like plastic bags. When it’s filled simply transfer to your compost bin or compound and take the bag home with you. When it needs to be cleaned, simply wash it down with the hose.

Leak Proof bottoms prevent liquid from leaking on to the floor of you vehicle.

compostable yard debris bags

For Recycling

The Mesh Bags allow for the cans and bottles to dry out before you return them to the recycling depot. No more sticky bags to leave behind to be sent to the landfill. Leak Proof bottoms prevent liquid from leaking on to the floor.

For Sports Equipment and Locker Rooms

The mesh bags also allow for your sports items to “breath”. No more “musty smelling”
sports bags. With the unique Kwik Bagit Bag Holder Units, it is so easy to fill.

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On the Field... or In the Locker Room

So easy fill and look at how much it holds!


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