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Kwik BagIt - About Us

About Us

“Kwik BagIt System” is one wonder device that has multipurpose features. It is an ideal tool for outdoor activities such as ice fishing, trekking, camping and all other adventurous expeditions where you will need it as a companion. Its functionality also includes organizing your yard by dumping all the recyclables into it.

It is safe for the environment and hence extremely user-friendly as well. The unique body system is easy to handle and does not even need a second person to carry the extra baggage. Use its portable table top to the fullest at outdoor picnics or even at home. Its sturdy built body is sure to take up any hardships coming on its way during rough expeditions.

Keep this wonder product at the side of your bag-pack and set on to the voyage without any third arm.

We all know how hard it is to open a bag, hold it and fill it…Now there is no need for a 3rd arm or 2nd person with the unique design that uses telescopic rails and legs and retainer clips that hold any size bag to the unit. And it is so easy to remove the bag once it’s full – not like those clumsy wire units currently in the marketplace.

There are 3 great models to choose from. The KBI “Residential” Unit is great for collecting leaves and branches and sorting your recyclable cans and bottles. The KBI “Out Back” is a portable unit with a roll-up table top and an all-weather carrying case that is excellent for hiking, camping, fishing, at a picnic, at the cottage or motorhome. You can even use it around the pool or hot tub, or at the beach to hang and dry your towels. The KBO “Pro” unit is perfect for the construction site, disaster clean up, food trucks and outdoor cafes.

There isn’t a more functional utility device with SO MANY USES!