About Us

“Kwik BagIt System” is one of a kind wonder device that has multipurpose features.

We all know how hard it is to open a bag, hold it and fill it…Now there is no need for a 3rd arm or 2nd person with the unique design that uses telescopic rails and legs and retainer clips that hold any size bag to the unit. And it is so easy to remove the bag once it’s full – not like those clumsy wire units currently in the marketplace. There are 3 KBI Models to choose from:

The Kwik Bagit Residential Model  is an ideal Bag Holder for outdoor activities such as collection of leaves, brush, garden waste around your yard  and they are an excellent indoors as well because there isn’t a better way to sort your recyclable cans and bottles before you return them to the Recycling Depot making your time spent at the Depot minimal. You can even use it in you home to collect your laundry and to store you children’s toys.

The Kwik Bagit OUTBBACK Model is the perfect hiking companion. Because of the light weight portability and the great advantage of the Folding Metal Table Top  this is the best unit in the market to take when you go fishing, trekking, camping, to a picnic, in your RV, at the beach or around your pool or patio. Keep this wonder product at the side of your bag-pack and set on to the voyage without any third arm. The uses are endless and once you have used, you will realize how many ways that this device can be used.

The Kwik Bagit COMMERCIAL PRO MODEL is the ideal portable Debris Collecting Device, that is “Making the Task Easier ” for the collection of the debris that collects at the construction site and at Emergency Disaster clean–ups. There isn’t an easier way to keep your site clean and organized.You save hundreds of $$$$by using our exclusive ReUsable, Washable strong Poly/Cloth Bags, and you will be saving the Environment and our Landfills buy reducing the amount of this nasty plastic bags Single-Use, Oil -Based plastic bags  that you are now using.

Kwik Bagit has introduced the first Eco-Friendly,Reusable, Washable Our exclusive REUSABLE POLY/CLOTH BAGS which and can be washed down with a hose and water and they the answer to preventing unnecessary Single-Use Oil-Based plastic bags from entering the landfills. It takes over 100 yers for a plastic bag to break down, and the benefits of using the KBI Poly/Bags is obvious.  They are reusable and they will save you $$$ from buying plastic bags that are so bad for our Landfills and the Environment. They are safe for the environment and hence extremely user-friendly as well.

We encourage you to watch some of our videos and you will agree that “There isn’t a more functional Bag Collector  Device with SO MANY USES!