The Kwik BagIt Poly/Cloth bag is the answer to a number of issues that are plaguing our municipal landfills and the environment. It takes over 100 years for an oil-based, single-use plastic bag to break down.

Our reusable bags can be used hundreds of times, and when necessary, they can easily be sprayed down with hose and water or pressure washed with detergents. The bags are guaranteed for two years under normal use.

Do the right thing – it’s so simple – Stop using single-use, oil-based plastic bags that are terrible for the environment and reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic entering your municipal landfills.

Kwik BagIt bags are made with strong Poly/Cloth material that can hold up to 50 lbs. of compostable debris and recyclable items as well as our new Sports Bag.

Kwik BagIt Products International Inc also offers a portable Patent Pending Bag Holder that uses telescopic rails to adjust to fit any kind of bag in the market place. The Telescopic legs permit the use on any terrain. With the unique retainer clips, the bags are secured to the unit while the bag is being filled.